Water Vending Machine

Water vending machine is a 24-hour self-service vending equipment for providing clean, healthy and pure drinking water. Clients use their own bottles to get water for drinking. Kayson water vending station or water vending kiosk combines reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ozone, deionization and carbon filtration to supply customers the highest quality and the safest water available. IC card water vending machine is very popular at present. Our company can configure different water vending equipment to meet clients' specification requirements.

Water vending station is often placed in community, street, supermarket, school, unit, railway station, gas station and other venues. Water vending machine is also an ideal device for convenience store, motel, marina, car wash, coin laundry, park, mobile home and apartment complex.

1. This water vending equipment covers an area of ​​only one square meter that can save rent.
2. Water vending station enjoys advantages of scientific design, great convenience and low cost.
3. Kayson water vending machines can supply high-quality, fresh and clean drinking water. They have gained ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certification.
4. Water flow sensor can control water vending and digital water vend counter can record the vending situation.
5. Water vending station is equipped with induction IC card, LED display board, stainless steel vending compartment and cashless payment system.
6. Clients can use coin or IC card to operate the water vending machine for getting water.

Main Subclass Products
1. Pure Water Vending Kiosk
2. UF Water Vending Station
3. RO Water Vending Machine
4. Standard Water Vending Equipment
5. Popular Water Vending Station
6. Economic Water Vending Kiosk

Kayson Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of water vending machines in China. In addition to this water vending station or water vending kiosk, we also supply ice vending machine, mini vending machine and water filling machine. Our water vending equipments have been exported to USA, Canada, England, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, South Africa, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our water vending machines are highly recognized and well received by our customers.