Small Vending Machine

Small vending machine is a 24-hour self-service vending equipment for selling condoms, cigarettes, snacks, lottery tickets, cologne, chocolates, medicine and even gold and gems to customers. This mini vending machine is generally used in railway station, campus, community, gas station, toilet, and so on. Customers insert currency or credit card into the machine to get what they want to buy. Kayson has strong R & D capability of small vending machines. We can make corresponding vending equipment according to customers' specific needs.

Competitive Advantages
1. The mini vending machine adopts multi-price coin mechanism, such as dollar bill acceptor and other foreign coins acceptors. It can return change in seconds.
2. It can provide a variety of selections in the same machine.
3. Kayson small vending machines can realize individual pricing. Price can be set freely.
4. Compact size allows more mobility and more locations (indoor or outdoor).
5. With LCD display, the mini vending machine can show the selection information and play video ads for 24 hours continuously.
6. Sturdy steel construction with durable powder coat painted surface contributes to its years of service.
7. Our small vending machines have the self-check function avoiding crash during machine running.
8. Hardware circuit features anti-interference and is EMC compatible, which ensures that the mini vending machine can operate in any surroundings.

Kayson small vending machines have obtained ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certification.

Types for Choice
Kayson mainly provides spiral type, wall-mounted type, table standing type, snack type, cigarette type, condom, medicine type and chocolate bar mini vending machines.

Kayson Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of small vending machines in China. In addition, we also supply water vending machine, ice vending machine and water filling machine. Our mini vending machines have been exported to USA, Canada, England, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Taiwan.