Ice Vending Machine

Ice vending machine is a 24-hour self-service vending machinery for selling bag ice and bulk ice cube. This equipment can sell ice automatically. Compared with other machines, our ice vending kiosks can bag and seal bag ice automatically from 1 kg to 7 kg. It is a kind of convenient and cost effective vending machine. This automatic ice vending station has gained ISO 9001: 2008 and CE certification. Our ice vending machines are constructed to withstand the constant demands with minimal maintenance requirements. This ice vending kiosk is broadly used in railway station, community, gas station, and so on.

Competitive Advantages
1. This vending machine produces ice onsite, so there will be no need of transportation and no pollution emissions.
2. Kayson ice vending machines are environmentally friendly and they provide safer and more convenient products.
3. Ice vending kiosks are appealing to clients as they dispense ice bags in a quick and convenient way.
4. This ice vending station is easy to be operated and accepts cash and IC card.
5. The ice vending machinery includes a GSM monitoring system, which enables to keep track of sales data and gives notifications when there are issues affecting production.
6. Low installation cost is an obvious advantage of this ice vending kiosk.

Types for Choice
Our company can supply bag type, bulk type, IC card type, coin operated type, just type, 140 kg, 280 kg, 450 kg, pure type, commercial type and edible ice vending machines. We can also supply different specifications of ice vending kiosks according to customers' requirements.

Kayson Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd is a leading innovative manufacturer of ice vending machines in China. In addition to this ice vending kiosk or ice vending station, we also provide water vending machine, mini vending machine and water filling machine. Our products have been exported to USA, Canada, England, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Nigeria, Hong Kong and Taiwan.