Bag Ice Vending Machine

Ice cube vending machine represents a giant leap forward in the ice industry. It makes and dispenses pure filtered ice directly into customers' own cooler or into a bag. Customers will find that our ice is cleaner, more convenient, more environmental and tastes better than factory bagged ice. Our ice cube vending machines produce pure and fresh filtered ice on site. It mainly consists of powder coated steel cabinet, coin acceptor, bill validator, system board, ice making system and ice bagging system. People can buy bagged ice by coin or IC card.

1. Luxurious waterproof steel cabinet and front door open design contribute to safety and easy installation of this bagging ice vending machine.
2. This ice cube vending machine adopts advanced stable intelligent coin, induction IC card and note selling control technology.
3. Using energy efficient ice spray making ice technology, ice-cube is square and crystal clear.
4. GSM remote control system and digital vend counter make the bagging ice vending machine able to record the vending situation.
5. Adopting advanced RO purification techniques, this ice cube vending machine can provide high quality ice.
6. Water purifying system uses seven stages effective purifying and two sterilization processes (UV and Ozone).

Operation and Maintenance Attentions
1. It would be best for customers to send engineers to our factory for training of the bagging ice vending machine operation.
2. Our company offers one year warranty for the broken parts of this ice cube vending machine. Clients can contact us via email or phone for after sales.

Packaging and Transportation
We package the bagging ice vending machine in carton for ordinary order. For bulk order, we use polywood cases for sea or air transportation.

Specifications of Ice Cube Vending Machine

Material Stainless steel (304) and powder-coated steel
Dimension 100 cm (W) × 110 cm (D) × 220 cm (H)
Bag Dimension 300 mm × 56 mm
Voltage AC 220/380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Phase 3 Phase/Single Phase
Production Capacity 140 kg, 280 kg or 450 kg/24 h(under 20℃)
Ice Cube Size 2.2 cm × 2.2 cm × 2.2 cm
QTY of Ice Cube Mode 540
Type of Compressor 3P
Refrigerant R404a
Ice Making Type Circulated Spray
Cooling System Fan Cooling
Ice Storage Capacity 70 kg to 80 kg
Storage Tank Material SUS 304
Source Water Tap Water
Vending Function IC Card/Bill/Coin/Give Change/GSM Remote Monitor (We can choose according to different needs.)
Ice Vend Type Bag Ice
Bag Ice Procedure Automatic packing, counting weight, sealing
Bag Dimension 30 cm × 56 cm/30 cm × 76 cm
Bag Thickness 0.05 mm(single layer)
Bag Ice Weight Range 1 kg to 4 kg
QTY of Bags About 200 pcs
Ice Container Plastic bag or Incubator
Output Speed of Ice 1 kg/5sec
Packing Speed 90 sec per bag
Max. Dimension of Incubator 45 cm × 35 cm × 50 cm (W × D × H)
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